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    How to decrypt data on a drive with a crashed OS..!!?? :(



      I had McAfee End Point Encryption installed on the Win 7 Ent 64-Bit OS on my HP Notebook and the OS crashed for some reason and would not boot up. Tried various repairs but all failed and the IT dept at my office asked me to reinstall the OS. This would mean that I either have to take a backup of all data by having the HDD connected to another machine or lose all my data.


      The issue starts now, since my data/HDD is encrypted, I cannot see the data on the drive when I connect it to another machine as a secondary drive. I am unable to decrypt the drive with the available options and there seems to be no decryption software that I can find online.


      Can anyone help me out or is it time I say Good-Bye to all my data..!!


      Please provide any info that might be of help.


      Thanks and Regards

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