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    Update "an error occurred"


      Hi All,

      I really need some help please.

      I have just been on live chat to McAfee to try and resolve another problem on my laptop (  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/27149  ), since then I have a problem with my Desktop machine. I NEVER share files between them they are NEVER connected and NEVER share the router connection at the same time.

      Because the Security on my laptop is suspect,  I used my desktop computer to contact McAfee.   Before I was permitted to do so I was compelled to run virtual technician which decided to replace a DAT.

      So the only changes to my computer were loading the "chat" software and running the Virtual Tech.

      Now I cannot update my security, it finds updates downloads them, then when it comes to the install part I get "an error occurred".

      Desktop is running XP with all recommended Microsoft updates.

      I'm just one step away from binning the whole lot and replacing McAfee for good, but I only renewed 4 months ago and I don't really want to be beaten by this anyway!

      Best regards,


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          Along with the above instructions , please check the following before we reinstall McAfee;

          1.From the Taskbar, click Start, and Run.


          2.In the Run field, type notepad %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts then click OK.

          Note: This will open the 'hosts' file in Notepad.

          3. Remove all lines referencing McAfee websites, or Network Associates International (NAI) websites.

          Examples of such lines are:


            • bin.mcafee.com
            • nai.com

              Note: You can ignore all lines that start with the # symbol
          1. Click File.
            Click Save.
            Close Notepad and try to update your McAfee product again


          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator


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            Hi Dinesh,

            I tried that but only got a sample file,

            I have tried to attach a screen print.


            Thanks for your advice kiwi4life, I will do that but thought I would try Dinesh's suggestion first as it might be a quick solution.


            Best regards,




            Sorry the screen print did not work It simply explained how the data should be entered and gave two example lines, the only entry without a # was Local host



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