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    doesnt let me activate!


      I recently bought and installed McAfee Internet Security onto my laptop run by vista. When i open the 'McAfee Secuity centre' and try to activate by going on the 'subsription centre' , initally it opens a small window and seems to be loading but stops and says 'Activation Unsucessful- we're sorry, but we're having trouble activating your McAfee products..."


      I have tried several times but the same message seems to be appearing and there is a limited number of days i have to activate. Just wanted to know what is the problem... and how i can activate?

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          Hi there,

          Mostly we encounter Activation issues with McAfee where your computer came with a pre-installed operating system and you might see a message that you are not registered. When you attempt to register the products manually, nothing seems to happen/ gives you an error.

          Please follow the below steps and let me know ht status ;

          1.Click the Windows Button and type cmd.exe into the search bar.
          2.Right-click cmd.exe in the search list, and select Run as Administrator.
          3.Type the following text, then press ENTER:

          c:\program files\mcafee\msc\mcoemmgr.exe /regserver

          4.Right-click the M icon in your taskbar and select either Activate, Activate Now, Register, or Register Now.
          5.Follow the instructions.


          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            I am having the same problem, except I am using Window's 7 and the command prompt is different, therefore these instructions don't work. Thanks.

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              Hi bguest




              Could you please tellme how did you purcashe McAfee?


              is that a disc or online subscription??


              If its a disc i recommend you to uninstall McAfee in the computer and use your CD and do a Custom installtion of McAfee, (only Firewall would be better choice) get your software registered and  then you can install all the other products...


              If its a online purchase directly goahead and install it from website.


              But i guess you might have bought it through a disc, Please try this and let us know how it goes!!




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                I am having trouble activating the software. Installed from disc which came with my sky subscription. I have an active account through sky for mcafee. clicked on the activation link in the window which appears nothing happens. Followed your CMD info, do's not do anything, keeps saying it is not recognised.  I have windows 7.


                Is there anything else I could try. I will give the uninstall and install a try, and ownload a copy from sky.


                If anything else is usful please let me know. Thanks.

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                  Contact Technical support or customer service either should be able to assist you.


                  Link in useful links tab at top of the page.

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                    I have uninstalled mcafee from my system, and installed a new copy, which was activated straight away.


                    I have an account with sky, which includes a subscription to mcafee, this made it easy to activate.

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                      Glad that you are OK now and thanks for reporting back your status .