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    Why can't my other pcs see the router any more?

      We have a home network consisting of a Cisco wireless router, 1 laptop, 3 netbooks, 2 xbox consoles and a desktop pc. The desktop is wired to the router all the other machines use wireless adapters. Everything was working peachey until I installed McAfee total security on my laptop and the desktop pc. They are working fine and connecting to the internet no probs, as are the xbox consoles. However, none of the netbooks can now even see the router - they get no response when they try to ping it. 2 of the netbooks are using Norton antivirus and the other is using AVG. I wasted 3/4 hour talking to a McAfee 'support' rep, but in the end all they suggested was that I install McAfee on the netbooks too. Is this really the answer? Does McAfee really block other machines that arent running MCAfee as well? If so, that's pants! Also, how am I supposed to download the software onto the netbooks from McAfee when they can't even connect to the internet? Help please before I uninstall McAfee nd reinstall Norton!!!