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    Endpoint Encryption 5.2.2 - group name with spaces at command line


      I am trying to use the command line to create a user, but when I specify the group name, a space in the group name seems to be thwarting me, even when I put quotes around it.

      ex. (note: this is a PowerShell command line)

      PS C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Manager> .\sbadmcl -AdminUser:admin -AdminPwd:whatever$$ -command:CreateUser -User:roman -Group:"OU=My Last OU,OU=My First OU,DC=level4,DC=level3,DC=domain,DC=com"

      Then I will get an error like:

      McAfee Endpoint Encryption Scripting Tool
      Copyright ⌐ 1991-2008 McAfee, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

      Executable version :
      DLL version        :


      >>> Invalid argument "L"


      Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong here? I tried it with and without the double quotes.