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    Internet Security 2010 (1 user)- failed to install!

      I recently purchased McAfee Internet Security 2010 and I get failed installs from the disc and from installing online (all products red "Xed" out). I have used the MFVC tool because I did have it installed successfully before but was not able to activate it, always failed with that as well. I spoke with tech support, some guy in India who I could hardly understand. I wasted 35 minutes on the phone with him with no progress at all. I am still unable to get the software to install and I am not willing to reinstall WIndows! I will return the McAfee software for another brand before I do that! I am running Windows XP Pro. Oh, also ran the preinstall prog as well, still no help.


      Can I get some help from a tech that knows what they are doing? I am certain I have cleared all parts of McAfee from my computer and yet it always fails. I have no other antivirus software installed.





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          I read on another thread that IE should be used rather than Firefox to download, install, & activate the software. Is that true? If so why isn't this stated in the instructions! So far I've had a very bad experience with McAfee customer support, and no help here so far.

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            Sorry for the trouble caused in installing the programs ; could you please check the following and get back to us;

            Check if you have remants of McAfee in the below location ! (if found delete them)
            C:\program files\common files
            C:\Documents & settings\All users\Application data

            Run the MCPR tool from this link here (If in case its INCOMPLETE CLENUP paste the cleanup log here)

            Restart thecomputer & start tapping F8 key.

            From the advanced boot options menu, select safe mode with networking

            After you are in the desktop,
            Open IE – click tools – click Internet options
            From Advanced menu – Click reset

            Close all the windows and try re-installing McAfee again .

            Let me know if we face any issues this time.


            Dinesh K
            McAfee Online Community Moderator

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              I was finally able to get the software to install again but now I am back to the same problem of it failing to be activated! Why is it soooo difficult? First the installation, now the activation failures again. Any tips on getting the software activated, it will expire on Sept. 9. and I refuse to go through the painstaking process of reinstalling the software again! At least now I am protected. I just want it activated. Can't someone do that over the phone? (someone NOT in India, someone that can speak English well) I've never had such difficulties with McAfee before. I had Total Protection 2009 before, no problems with that one. I'm ready to return this Internet Security 2010 because of the all the issues with it and lack of good support. I don't want to reinstall yet again, took me ten times (hours) to get it to install again successfully, back to square one with no activation! uughhhhh so frustrating!