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    Safeboot has been corrupted 92h error after installation ?

      We have 10 new Dell Latitude E5510 laptops with Windows 7 , SATA 160 GB Hard disk, in the bios the SATA disk is set to AHCI mode as it won't boot on ATA mode.

      Next to the system we are running Safeboot Administrator ( Don't know whats the difference between EEM and Safeboot.. ? ) , anyway we run Safeboot.

      After installation its going to encrypt the hard disk, takes few hours to do so.. after this it starts to reboot and comes up with the 'Safeboot has been corrupted 92h error.

      Had 3 laptops so far, all Latitude E5510 all got the same error.

      These are brand new laptops, Windows 7 updated till the latest one, only some Citrix software on it, i reckon there is recover partition on the HD from Dell itself (whooptiedoo).

      We have no problem installing with older Dell laptops as we have around 100+ different kind of versions, these are just the new series of laptops we are going to use.


      Any advise / info would be very much appriciated,


      Many thanks for any response.

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