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    ePO 4.5 - System Tree Sorting




      I think I have a handle on this topic but I wanted to make sure I understand it correctly. Currently we do not have any system tree sorting enabled on our ePO server (this is in the server settings page)


      I would like to enable this as I want to make sure my workstation groups are always up-to-date and contain all of my workstation systems.


      My question is: If i enable "Sort systems on each agent-server communication" on the server settings page and disable tree sorting options on my non-workstation machines (that i dont want them to move from their current location), will ePO ignor these and only sort the systems where tree sorting is enabled?


      Basically I want to make sure any new systems that come into ePO get sorted into my workstations group so that proper polices\tasks etc are applied to them.


      NOTE: I have automatic tagging on each agent to server communication enabled and those tags are assigned to my workstaion group in ePO.