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      Since upgrading from 6.8.3 to MVM 7.0, the "Clear All Inactive" button on the Scan Status page only clears the Completed scans. Pressing the button clears Completed, but Canceled scans remain in the list. Anyone else having this issue? McAfee support has said no one has mentioned it yet as an issue.

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          Well I can see that this is happening in 7.0. I'm not sure if this is by design or a bug. Sometimes though things might be as designed but not as desired and we will get it fixed anyway. If you want to be kept in the loop on what we are going to do about this I'd open up a support case.


          Jeff Haynes

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            This is an issue for me now as well since I upgraded to 7.0.  Hitting "Clear All Inactive" will get rid of my Completed scans but not Canceled.  Any idea when this will be fixed, or is there a manual workaround?  I'm unable to edit my scheduled scans for fear of filling up my status page with Canceled scans.



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              I'm actively working this issue with foundstone engineering.  It will most likely get addressed in the first patch (December), or if there is an urgent need you can (once solved) get a hotfix or workaround from Foundstone TierIII support.  Open a case:


              For contact details:

              -  Go to: http://www.mcafee.com/us/about/contact/index.html
              -  Non-US customers - select your country from the list of Worldwide Offices.

              Log in to the ServicePortal at: https://mysupport.mcafee.com:

              -  If you are a registered user, type your User Id and Password and click OK.
              -  If you are not a registered user, click New User and complete the required fields. Your password and login instructions will be emailed to you.


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                I am currently working on a few issues and this is one of them. The Tier 3 support person was able to duplicate the issue and has escalated it to thier engineering team for a solution. Not ETA on that yet, but there may be a workaround, thats also being worked on. If that works, I'll post, but there is no ETA either. We have schedueld scans and when the client adds a server or decomms one, I have to cancel, edit, and reschedule. My cancels are filling up the page.