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    Agent handler priority, translation please.

      Note: Moving one assignment to a priority lower than another assignment creates a hierarchy where the lower assignment is actually part of the higher assignment.


      Ummm, what?!?! 


      Just a little confused the handler assignment rules have a priority and within the rules an assigned handler priority.


      I want to configure all my servers in the US to report to my agent handler first and the main epo server second. All my servers in the UK will report to the main epo server only.



      My scenario.


      EPOserver =
      Agent Handler =

      1 ▼Uk Edit | Delete
      Agent Location:  leftblank
      Agent Subnets:

      Handler Priority: eposerver

      2  ▼US Edit | Delete
      Agent Location: leftblank
      Agent Subnets:

      Handler Priority: agenthandler

      3 ►Default Assignment Rule