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    McAfee Won't Update to Latest Version

      I got a new PC from Dell recently, and it came preloaded with McAfee software. It was a 30-day trial. The college I attend allows you to download a 2 year subscription of McAfee for free, but I had to download the full version from the college website in order to get the subscription. So I uninstalled the McAfee products that were pre-installed by Dell, ran the clean-up program from McAfee's website, and downloaded and installed McAfee from my college's website. My McAfee account was credited with a 2 year subscription to VirusScan Plus, and I thought it was good to go. Turns out the version I installed from the college website was what appears to be the 2009 version of McAfee, because it is different in appearance than what Dell had pre-installed. I then uninstalled this version, ran the clean-up program, and downloaded straight from the My Account page on McAfee's website.... Same problem tho. I try updating the software but it says it's up to date.


      Here's my version numbers:


      SecurityCenter: 9.15

      VirusScan: 13.15

      Personal Firewall: 10.15

      SiteAdvisor: 3.0


      Again, I've tried updating multiple times.