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    ePO 4.6 beta is coming - 25th Aug 2010

      Some of the many new ePO 4.6 features and enhancements include:




      • Simplified Install and Configuration Experience — the installation  of ePO 4.6 has been streamlined to get the ePO server up and running  faster. A guided configuration tool helps new users quickly setup and  configure their managed environment through a series of wizard-like  steps.


      • Software Manager — the Software Manager provides a single location  within the ePO console to review and acquire McAfee software, software  components, and documentation. It eliminates the need to separately  access the McAfee product download website to obtain new McAfee software  and updates.





      • Client Task Catalog — users can create reusable client tasks to  manage systems in their network. A single client task can be assigned  easily to multiple locations, each with their own unique schedule.  Client tasks can be shared across multiple registered ePO servers. New  querying options are available for tracking and reporting on client task  assignments.


      • Policy Assignment by Tag — simplifies policy management by  providing the ability to apply policies based on the presence of a tag.  No more searching the system tree to find an elusive policy assignment.  Stop moving managed systems between groups and take your ePO automation  to the next level.


      • LDAP enhancements — new options improve LDAP performance in your environment.





      • Dashboard Improvements — dashboard management has been radically  streamlined. Drag-and-drop dashboard elements from the Monitor Gallery,  configure options, move, and resize elements all from on the same page.  Everything from eliminating the annoying multi-level drilldown required  to manage dashboards, to saving all the underlying queries when  exporting a dashboard, has received an overhaul.


      • Advanced reporting — now users can create reports containing  multiple charts! Reports can be customized with a header, footer, custom  logo, picture, and/or text fields. The reports can be scheduled to run  or, if run manually, a progress bar shows the status of the running  report, leaving the administrator free to perform other tasks.