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    Blocking certain file type transfer through Instant Messaging programs

      Hi, I'm using Network Communication Protection Rule (NCP rule from now on) to block file transfer in a IM communication.

      My goal is to block each file with a certain content.

      I've made a Tag (boh application and location tag) specifying the text pattern I'd like to protect.

      I've also made the NCP rule for all IP addresses of my network+all ports, but the rule isn't working.

      I'm in a test environment with ePO 4.5 patch and HDLP 9.0. For now I've succesfully tested IE web post protection rules, USB file transfer/access, screenshot protection and few things more with VSE.. but I can't block file transfer with NCP rule for IM neither for other browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc).

      Can you please help me or esemplify how to handle NCP rules?


      Thank you in advance,