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    Complete scan hangs after less than a minute

      I just installed this program (McAfee Security Center - I cannot find an About menu item so I don't know the version or anything else about it -- grrr!!).  The first thing I tried to do is a complete computer scan.  It got to item 58 very rapidly but hours later it was still on item 58 and reported a 0% completion.  Clicking Cancel quits the program, so it isn't completely hung.  Quick Scan works too. So next I tried "Let Me Choose" and picked only one disk drive to scan (not the C drive)  But it started scanning the C drive anyway and hung on the same 58th item.  Is there a way around this.  I bought this program to scan my whole computer.  Do I need to get a refund?

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          Ok, for all you boys and girls out there with a similar problem: I found the solution to this - more or less.  Well, I didn't find it so much as I found someone who knew how to fix it.  I chatted with a tech support person via the McAfee online support Chat thingy, and after permitting the Nice Indian Support Person to control my computer to diagnose the problem, he also fixed it.  I had to give him full access to download and run software and to open a Command window and do lots of surprising things, including deleting a lot of DLLs associated with Internet Explorer.  Now I do not know WTF Internet Explorer has to do with the McAfee SecurityCenter, but apparently it has a lot to do with it.  Mr. KISP deleted tons of IE-related DLLs, used a registry edit tool that he got here: http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/IERegFix.bat, and also deleted all my IE cookies and history.  Since I never use IE, I didn't really mind.  He also reset IE to its original install state, whatever that was.  His parting words were "I am quite confident that this will fix your problem."  "Oh, sure!", said I.  But I went ahead and rebooted my system and started another full-computer scan -- and voilà:  McAfee SecurityCenter complete computer scan is at this very moment scanning my entire computer, well past the point at which it was stuck before.  I wish that I could tell you everything that Mr. KISP did on my computer while he had unfettered control of it, but things flew by too fast to catch everything.   (I was particularly curouis as to why he started an FTP session and uploaded my entire porn collection to some IP address in Mumbai -- but never mind, he fixed the virus scan problem).  So, my advice to those of you who have this problem is to either try messing with your IE install and see if you can fix it yourself, or go on the McAfee Chat thingy and let Mr. KISP do it for you.  (Be sure to delete any images of yourself performing unnatural acts with a donkey first though!)