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    McAfee Security Center Error

      The last couple days I haven't been able to click scan in security  center. Everytime I click the bottom in the drop down menu or the big  button on the main screen it takes me to the protected status screen.  All the other buttons work except for the scan. What should I do?  Thanks!

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          I have the exact same problem!!!

          I wonder????

          read my question below on help!!!

          Anyone?? ....Please???..........

          Dear airtuna08

          I hope anyone has the answer soon......

          Let's wait........................ LOL

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            Just a few updates. My McAfee Security Center claims everything is ok but the scan is obviously missing and my computer says all my firewalls are off. It doesn't even recognize the McAfee. So I'm pretty sure I have something that has blocked the scan, claims everything is ok and what not. I've attached some screen shots.



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              I've now had to uninstall security center because it kept installing an update which crashed my computer upon reboot. I had to go into safe mode and revert back to a previous time in my computer's history. Anyone have any ideas?


              Problem signature:
                Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen
                OS Version:    6.1.7600.
                Locale ID:    1033


              Additional information about the problem:
                BCCode:    d1
                BCP1:    0000000000000010
                BCP2:    0000000000000002
                BCP3:    0000000000000000
                BCP4:    FFFFF8800146B5D6
                OS Version:    6_1_7600
                Service Pack:    0_0
                Product:    768_1



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                I've moved this to our SecurityCenter area for better attention by a product expert.

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                  Hello ;

                  Please let us know some details about the computer ;

                  What is the operating system ?
                  Do we have all the windows updates installed in the computer ?
                  Open Internet explorer – click Help – click About Internet explorer & let me know the version & cipher strength.

                  Please get back to us with the following details


                  Dinesh K
                  McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                    Windows 7/ 64 bit


                    All the windows updates are turned on...

                    It's IE 8 and the cypher strength doesn't show anything.


                    And thanks April for moving this



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                      I am having the EXACT same problem!  When I click on scan, nothing happens, when I try to reactive my anti-virus and spyware nothing happens.  I also have Windows 7.  My system keeps telling me I have a bunch of spyware on my system now and I can't get rid of them.  The spyware notices started yesterday.

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                        24-48 hours for help? It's been almost a week. Thanks a whole lot! I guess McAfee really wants to bleed the 89.95 out of you. Ridiculous. For a problem that is most likely their fault.



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                          This necessarily need not to be a virus issue, rather it seems like a update problem in the computer .Could you please try to perform a windows update in the computer and check if there are any more important updates available that needs to be installed ? (as cipher strength should be incomplete/blank)

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