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    Reimage Ironmail

    Nishant Shah

      Hi Guys,


      I might sound stupid here but whats the procedure to reimage the ironmail appliance ???


      I have the installation cd with me. can the same cd be used to re-image ??? As far as i understand, a reimage means complete format and re-installation of all applications but the disck space etc cant be defined by us.


      Appreciate if anyone has got steps for the same.



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          I performed a reimage of an appliance once (a while ago) with the assistance of a contracted vendor and, if memory serves me correctly, it wasn't too painful.  Other than needing to know the obvious--like your appliance's IP address, the subnet mask, the gateway, etc--I believe we just popped the CD in at the console, boot from it, and then select our model number...  It took care of the rest.  Once the reimage is complete and the box comes up for the first time, you will need the serial number of your device (which is different from the service tag number).  The serial numbers appear to be four sets of four (letters & numbers): xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.  This number is typically on a sticker that's fixed to the appliance or you can get it by issuing "show system info" through the CLI (if your appliance is currently up).  I don't remember if the serial number sticker is on the top or the bottom of the hardware, if you need to find that.  Other than that, it was a matter of following the on-screen instructions and, when we were finished, it was like the system was fresh out of the box.  If you want the latest & greatest, you should be able to contact support and request the latest release as an ISO download.  ...Like I said, it's been a while since I did it but that's the extent of what I remember.  I hope that helps.  Keep in mind that all configuration will be lost when you reimage it and it will be in a state like you'd receive it from the factory.  Anyone else have anything they'd like to add?

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            Nishant Shah

            thanks runcmd... that helps us a lot...

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              Make sure that you enter the hardware serial number (the service tag) and the software serial number (the 16 digit thing) in all upper case letters.  Any lower case letters tend to cause problems in the update server finding the appliance in our database.


              Also, if you are installing 6.7.1 again, install all of the hotfixes before upgrading to 6.7.2.  There were several issues in 6.7.1 related to updates that were fixed in the hotfixes, and they are required for the 6.7.2 upgrade anyway.

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                Nishant Shah

                thanks andy. will remember those handy tips.