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    TPS - I'm out too!

      I liked TPS at first, but a while ago I started having startup probs.  I'm fairly competent, tried everything to troubleshoot, couldn't figure it out.  Finally took to service, and the problem was...TPS!  Program deleted, everything fine now. Like a chump, I renewed for 2 years a while ago (seemed like a bargain at the time).  Called McAfee to explore options, but they made it clear that any sort of refund just wasn't happening, even if problem recurred.


      So, reluctantly, I guess I'm going to have to eat the renewal cost on this one and move on with my life.  Wish I'd done more research before renewing that subscription!...Obviously others are having lots of problems too.  Guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I expected better service/support options as a business customer.  Live and learn....

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          I have read your post. Please let us know the issue that you were facing with the McAfee Total Protection Service. We would like to help you with the issue that you were facing and resolve it. Thus we can get the McAfee software back on your computer working without any issues.


          Please let us know the exact error you had with the McAfee software.

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            Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately I cannot give you a lot of detail on the error, as I had no idea it was related to McAfee.  All I know is no more McAfee = no more problem.  Sometimes it would hang on the splash screen, but not always.  System usually came up eventually, often without networking or other services.


            McAfee needs to realize that the TPS program was the sole and only cause of a serious system error that required tech service (which I paid for out of pocket) to diagnose and fix (by deleting the program).  And yet the first words out of Customer Service were "no refunds."  I couldn't stay in business that way, I wonder how McAfee expects to do so?


            I guess I am willing to try reinstalling, but we are going to need to bypass the usual tech support menus.  We are also going to need some assurances that the problem will not recur, I can't risk time and equipment on a faulty program.  We are also going to need a refund option on the table in case the problem recurs.  I am signed up for 2 years, simply to say "that's not our refund policy" is unacceptable.


            Please let me know the best way to proceed, other than the usual tech support link.

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              Thanks for replying, please provide me with your SR #. I will get back to you on the same.

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                Thanks again Rengaraj, but on second thought I think I better quit while I'm ahead.  Here we have a program that has already caused a serious system error, from a company with bad support, which has a "take the money and run" policy regarding business customers.  Even more, as is clear from this board and other places, the service misses a lot of threats anyway!  And I have no reason to believe support would be any better if I ever did have a virus problem.


                On top of everything else, my tech recommends a different product (BitDefender), so I should probably take his advice.   I have another McAfee product on a different machine, I'll be dropping that too.

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                  Understand your concern, will it help in anyway if we get this case on to the Tier 2 and have them handle it.

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                    Argh...You mean like I was trying to do a couple days ago, when I couldn't even get a d*mn e-mail support address until I ran the repair tool...which I couldn't do because the program had been deleted?  Or when I spent a half hour on the phone waiting for a tier 1 person?


                    Of course all this is after a tech diagnosed McAfee as the problem that broke my computer.  Though I'm no expert, it's worth pointing out that this is the first and only only time I've ever had to take a computer to the shop for a problem I couldn't handle.  And the problem was...McAfee.


                    I still think the proper solution is a pro-rated (at least, better yet full) refund on my 2-year sub.  Exactly how many chances does McAfee think it's supposed to get?