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    Default HIPS Rules


      We are testing McAfee HIPS stand alone (sans ePO) and need to change or delete one of the default rules that is blocking Incoming netbios-ssn (port 139) and ms-ds (port 445) needed for IP360 (ncircle). Can this be done or are we forced to use ePO console.

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          Kary Tankink

          The Host IPS product must be managed by an ePO server, however, you can change the default rules before an ePO policy is applied.


          KB50395 - How to deploy McAfee Host IPS with customized policies when an ePO server is not accessible

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            Thanks Kary - that was useful information that we will probably need in the future. Having read that KB, its obvious that I cannot do what I want (make a temporary change to the rules (default and learned) locally on my Workstation) without the ePO server.