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    endpoint encryption manager issue, help needed.


      i had been testing the endpoint encryption manager v5.2.5 and endpoint encryption for pc v5.2.5


      so i got it set up, and encryted a laptops HD, and also set a token logon. all this was fine.



      but now comes the hard part.

      in my hurry to get the whole thing setup and installed, i totally forgot the password for the end-point encryption server. and i figured as i was just testing it, that i would re-install  it, and jot down the password this time (which i have done..) so thats been reset up. but i forgot that i had encrypted the laptops HD with the information from the previous incarnation of the Endpoint Encryption Manager...... so now ive got a laptop that i cant logon to.


      is there anyway to get around this? can i force the new installtion to connect with the laptop....im confused as to what i can do to get this unlocked.

      any suggestions appreciated.