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    Error 80040154@1 under Windows 7 guest account

      Hello all,


      I recently installed McAfee Enterprise 8.7 with patch 3 on some new Windows 7 x64 machines. These are standalone computers and are used in a public library as lookup/internet machine. There is no Epo environment. The machines automatically logon under the guest account. The McAfee installation was done under the admin account and the autoupdate was set to logon.


      When using the guest account I noticed the update doesn't run. When manually pressing the 'play' button in the virusscan console (to force the update to start) I get the ERROR: Failed to initialize common updater subsystem. When checking the services I noticed the McAfee Framework is not listed as a service! When checking the services with an elevated prompt, the McAfee Framework service is shown and running.


      So it seems the guest account prohibits some services from starting. What can I do to force the service to run under the guest account?

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          That sounds quirky.

          The expected behavior is the Framework Service should be functional, independent of who is logged onto the system, including if nobody is logged on.


          If removal and reinstalling the product does not correct the issue, then I suggest working with Support to help diagnose what may be occurring for the guest account logon, or what may be occurring at install time, starting with "how" you are doing the installation exactly.