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    EEFF/EERM : Various questions.

      Hello, in addition to my last post, I have a number of questions regarding the possible limitations of the EERM product.

      I am using EERM version with the following EEFF/EERM configuration:

      • Use McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Removable Media=YES
      • Protected Area = 50% of free space.
      • Exclude Devices larger than is not set.
      • Make unprotected files & folders READ ONLY is not set.


      • Can anyone confirm that the minimum amount of free space required on a removable storage device, to enable encryption to occur, is 32 megabytes? (My initial tests have indicated this).

      My own experience has been that when I connect an 80 gigabyte NTFS storage device (with 40 gig of free space) to an EERM enabled PC (with the above policy configuration) I receive no prompt for encryption. Additionally, if I change the policy configuration to “make unprotected files & folders READY ONLY” the device still allows me to write & update data on it (although if I plug in an 8 gigabyte USB FAT32 device, I am prompted to encrypt and the resulting UNPROTECTED FILES folder does not let me write & update data on it. It’s as though NTFS devices are being ignored completely by EERM?

      • Can anyone confirm whether there is currently a maximum storage device size above-which  EERM will not recognise a removable storage device (NTFS or FAT32) for the purpose of prompting for encryption (even when the EERM “Exclude Devices larger than” policy setting is not enabled), e.g. I connect a 1.5 TB FAT32 storage device (containing 13 gigabytes of data) to an EERM enabled PC and am not prompted to encrypt, but I still have read/write access to the device.

      • Can anyone confirm the maximum size a “protected media container” can be on an encrypted storage device, e.g. if I connect a 1.5 TB NTFS storage device which has no data on it, will EERM create a 750 gigabyte protected media container (made up of 375 2 gigabyte .dsk files)?

      And if there is a maximum “protected media container” size limit, let's say for arguments sake it's 200 gigabytes, how does EERM behave (with the above policy configuration) when a storage device is connected that has more than 400 gigabytes of free space?

      • Can anyone confirm the largest file size that can be written to either the protected or unprotected portions of an encrypted storage device (using 50% of free space encryption)?

      I am more than happy to provide any further details.





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