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    Artemis! trojan


      I received a notice from mcafee that 3 trojan has been detected and removed, when i visited a known website. Its a college website about biochemistry. I had gone to this page before and there was no problem. It has an animation in it. There was a website popup saying something about java update. I had closed it and thats when mcafee reported trojans found & removed, no further action necessary. I did a full scan, it showed no detected virus. In the quarantine folder there were 3 files, one of them was artemis. i had deleted them. when i checked the history logs, it showed artemis!A5AD9C8278 (trojan) reaired/removed. &  alot of cookies (potentially unwanted programs - some removed, some cannot be removed)

      I recently bought a new computer and i would like to know if my computer is infected or not? I dont use it to browse, only known websites which i have visited before. I couldnt find anything about this artemis trojan in mcafee (although other artemis trojans were reported) Was this a real trojan or a false positive? Is my computer safe?

      Please help, thanks