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    How to remove MBR properly and reinstall a new OS ? And a suggestion. Need your kindly help.

      Hi, Buddy.


      Just heard that Intel to acquire McAfee. I think it should be a good news! Congratulations !


      Maybe EEM will be supported by CPU in the future. LOL.




      I have a laptop in my hand now with Safeboot V5.1.3  installed.


      And full disk encrypted.


      My question is :


      Actually, I am not intrested in the data on the HDD.


      I want to reinstall the OS by myself. (I want to install a Win7 on the notebook)


      But I read some articles that said Safeboot will modify the MBR of the disk.


      So, my question is, if I want to install this new OS ( I do not need the former OS and data anymore )


      Then what should I do ?


      I thought about it and my procedure is like below :


      1. Use WinPE to do a MBR fix (Use the MBR fix software and command), which will rewrite the MBR

      2. Use the Win7 install disk to format the disk and make the installation of Windows 7


      Is that right ? If not, then what is the right procedure ?

      Could you tell me ?






      My another question is,


      Is this safeboot related to the Active Dictionary login ?


      I think to keep it save, McAfee should make this work : that is if the server could not detect the safeboot started on the laptop,


      then this laptop cannot login into the domain (Active Dictionary), then cannot receive the internal email anymore.


      I think safeboot do not support this feature now, hope it can be supported in the future !


      Thanks !



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