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    cannot delete quarantined files, why?

      I have 27322 quarantined files in McAfee quarantine forlder, when i tried to delete them, i was denied. it takes up a lot of space and i have learned that i should delete them since i have no use for them especially the old ones. What should i do? and what can i do. Thanks in advance

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          Perhaps use that little utility called moveonboot


          Ive used that for stubborn files for years and its free

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            Thank you so much for taking time to reply and help.

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              Hello Ludik,


              Were you able to delete the quarantine files by using the above said utility?

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                well, i am not sure if i want to use that program, since it makes you restart the computer everytime you delete. is there another way i can delete those files? is there a way that i dont know about, so next time when McAfee quarantines something, i get an option or a choice to delete them right away. otherwise it takes long time, like  day, to delete quarantined files. those stubborn files that take up so much space after a while. any suggestions?



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                  Hello ludik,


                  There are several situations when it may be advisable to quarantine a file. The first is when an infected file cannot be cleaned by VirusScan. This can happen when the update needed to clean the file is either not yet available or has not yet been downloaded. Quarantining isolates and neutralizes the file, protecting your system and other files until the proper update can be downloaded.

                  Sometimes the damage caused by the virus makes the file unable to be cleaned. In this situation it is advisable to delete the file and recover from a backup. If no backup is available or you need to attempt to salvage the data from the file, it is advisable to quarantine the file to avoid the risk of infecting other files on the PC until further action can be taken.

                  Lastly, the VirusScan heuristic scanning feature may flag a file as likely to contain a virus, even though it does not match any known virus. In this situation it is recommended to quarantine the file until it can be reported to McAfee Labs, and a more thorough assessment of the file can be made.


                  What happens to a file when it is quarantined?

                  When a file is quarantined, there are 3 things that VirusScan does to render the file virtually harmless:

                  1. The file is encrypted with an algorithm that can only be decrypted by VirusScan.
                  2. The extension of the file is changed to .mcq and the file is locked.
                  3. The file is moved to the quarantine directory.


                  Dinesh K
                  McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                    Hi Ludik, like you I have over 26,000 quarantine files which McAfee Internet Security will not list and therefore I can not delete them using the facilities in the package.


                    Hi McAfee moderator, you give the reasons that the files are already there in quarantine which I already know because the McAfee help tells me. Why will McAfee not list or delete them? Is there a fault with McAfee Internet Security? When I contacted McAfee online support they pointed me to the virus support team that charges about $86 per problem. Surely the problem is with the product and there should be a fix at no further chartge to the fee paying user.


                    McAfee please help, your product is letting us down.

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                      When you say " I have over 26,000 quarantine files which McAfee Internet Security will not list " then where do you see them all !!! do you have any other security program installed in your computer?

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                        Hi Aldrin, I can see the quarantine files using Windows Explorer. They are in my C-drive


                        I have just checked again as I write this and in fact I have 74,663 files taking up 269MB of disk space. That is an awful lot of files and I want to get rid of them. However when I use McAfee Internet Security, Navigation, Quarantined and Trusted Items it searches for some minutes then finishes with a blank window. If there were file names displayed then I would be able to select all and delete, but since no file names are displaid I can not do that.


                        I suspect that it is something to do with the large number if files in the quarantine directory, but McAfee should be able to handle this. If it can not then I should be offered a way to report this to McAfee as a problem for their attention. Do you know how I can do that? Judging by the entries in McAfee Communities and elsewhere on the internet (just Google "can not delete McAfee Quarantine files") I am not the only one seeing this problem.



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                          That makes sense... Hmmm.. have you tried to remove them manually from your computer?



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