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    Can't download McAfee

      I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 on my computer, and need to reinstall McAfee.  When I run DMSetup, it downloads about a third of the way trough, at which point the download rate streadily decreases until it stops completely.  This isn't the first time, it happened when I tried to download it last year when I had Vista on here.  Starts downloading fine, slows to a crawl, stops.  I remember trying it over and over many times before it finally did it.  This is really maddening.  How can I get this downloaded?

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          Hi Dobian

          Could you please provide us with the following details ;

          What is  the operating system of the computer ?
          How is the computer connected to Internet ? (cable/Dsl/wireless)
          Do we have any other security software installed ? (or in the past)

          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            It is a DSL modem.  I think that modem may be going slowly bad, and I am going to replace it today or tomorrow.  It's pretty old.  But on other downloads I can get around most problems by using a download manager, that picks up again after download stalls.  With the McAfee downloader, if it stalls for a few seconds it restarts the download, which is maddening.  There is no security software interfering.  I did a clean Windows 7 install.  Thanks.

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              Have you tried to download the programs in Safe Mode with Networking, if not try please try that and let us know the outcome...

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                Yeah I tried it in safe mode, same thing.  Also, if I let it restart several times, sometimes it will finally end with an error 12002.  The problem is that proprietary downloader you have to use restarts automatically when a download stalls for even a couple of seconds.  If I download a file off a site using the download manager on my pc and it stalls, it just waits to pick up again and continues on.  McAfee downloader always stalls - usually at the same spot - and then restarts.  Don't know why they coded it that way, you should never force-restart a download.  They should give you an alternative way to just manually download a zip file or an excutable using your own downloader.  If I can't get this downloaded in the next day or so I'm just going to buy something else at the store and get my credit card debited for the remainder of this year's McAfee.



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