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    My Security Shield

      For those that are still having problems with getting rid of the Security Sheild ~I finally got rid of it by contacting  Toshiba Support after it would not allow my computer to start when i tried to use my recovery discs.


      It took a long time and different types of strategies but FINALLY it is gone~that was the most frustrating experience I had, because as those of you that have encountered it realize it blocks your ability to access the information/websites that allow you to get rid of it!


      I just brought my computer back to its "baby"state~and it did not cost me a penny!


      As I was told it bypasses McAfee because we invite it in through an e-mail or click on website. It is a scam developed outside USA to make lots of money by referring all our activity on the computer to its website to purchase software in order to stop pop ups and return our administrative powers.


      I am not very computer savvy and apprecaite all the feedback I recieved particularly Ex-Brit who supported my decision to bring my computer back to the way it was when I bought it. I have lifetime support so everything is being reinstalled~but as I alludedto this is an extremely well thought out, intelligent virus and appears very legitimate(in fact I thought it was related to the McAfee software)~be extremely careful if you get it~as it encourages you to click on all kinds of  pop ups ~and that creates more~

      I feel traumatized by it~that is what a nightmare it was.


      By the way~how many people end up buying that software~which I was told works for about a month and gives it access to cause more infections!


      Best Wishes~




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