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    Help! panicking here!!! -Weird pop-ups and links on Google transfers other advertising websites not ones searched for.

      I have Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic notebook.

      Not so long I had a Trojan attack for the first time, as McAfee detected. BTW I use McAfee total protection.  So, this is how it all have been.  There is a program called "My Security Shield" that was on my computer that I did not download. It has trojan, malware listed on it etc. It is what is called a "rogue" site that this (fakealert) program keeps popping up from my notification taskbar and suggesting there is a security issue and directs to their web site to download their antivirus software to correct the issue. I have tried to delete it manually, this program off of my computer. I could not succeed, it just was denied and wouldn’t delete. I was so frustrated, and didn’t know what to do. So I just left my computer on hibernate as McAfee reassured that it was working on it. So after like 3 days or so, McAfee said it deleted lot of the virus and quarantined the rest. I have no idea what quarantine really means, but it seemed like everything went back to normal.

      I keep my computer updated often with current automatic up-dater, same goes with McAfee.  I scanned again, it only picked up a few Trojans but it said that it fixed the issue and some viruses were quarantined. Since then I have had this problem, I started getting weird popups every so often between browsing sites. Also I was redirected to another search engine that I have never heard of before. I did the typical full scan for many times. However the pop ups were still there. I even turned on the popup blocker set it to high and they still popped up.

      Anyhow even though I did the full scan the McAfee found nothing.  I still had weird windows popping up and that would send me to sites like



      And other I didn’t really pick up.

      All sorts of sites. I started blocking the sites thought restricting it though the properties in Internet Security Properties but all that did was prolong another one from coming up.

      Then I cleared all my Temporary, Cookies, History using the CCleaner etc and did another scan for the heck of it. It didn’t find anything but still had the same problem.

      I have google toolbar and use only google as my search engine, but I also have tried doing searches on Yahoo and yandex for main stream websites like YouTube, Facebook or MySpace. When the search would come up and I would click on the link to go to one of those sites it would sometimes go there but sooner or later the link would redirect me to one of the above sites.

      I did notice before the direct to those sites they would often show an icon that looked sort of like a Z or 2 in the url address window right before the http:. Plus it would flash so quick you would hardly be able to tell that another site was popping up before you saw the site it landed on which were ones like the ones above.  However I was able to catch a few of the sites that it came from because my computer was working so slow.

      They were the following address




      I don’t know if any of this mean anything but I know it was not normal for an IP to be right before a site which are probably legit websites. 

      Btw I have and use Internet Explorer 8.0 and it still does this.

      Last time I did a scan, after doing a full scan with McAfee it was able to find a Tracking Cookie and 3 other viruses which it said it quarantined and it never said anything else was wrong with it.  So I scanned it in Safe Mode and it still found nothing. I scanned with mcafee-stinger as well I don’t know what it does, but I till have the problem.


      Even when posting this message I got a weird popup that went to some site then switched to the store website!

      I did some research on blueseek and this is what I got

      Blueseek.com is caused by a browser hijacker virus programmed to hijack Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox browsers by modifying DNS settings in MS Windows hosts file. When users clicks on any link in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing search results they will be redirected to Blueseek.com or other randomly chosen advertising related web sites. Blueseek.com may install itself in low level processes to hide from security utilities and activate its destructive files. Blueseek.com is a security and privacy risk that that can steal sensitive data and slash computer performance.

      Now I am panicking! Is my computer in real danger?

      I am not really good with computers I do not really understand all this so I did everything I could by my best knowledge. I am not sure what to do now, any help would be great.

      Thanks in advance.

      Also I did some search on how to get rid of malware and a lot of people suggested to use MalwareBytes Anti-Malware program that detect and kill malware and artemis. I have also read in some on McAfee community post that directed me to an article that said that now updated McAfee is the “good” artemis virus in its self. So should I trust malwarebytes program? What if it deletes my McAfee program? I have also read that some people had this problem, as the anti-malware detected theirs McAfee as a virus and deleted it. So what should I do? Am I on a right track?



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