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    How to turn off McAfee?

      Hello, wanted to know how to turn off McAfee, I need some major programs that use the mcafee criticizes as viruses, and must use these important programs.Thanks!

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          Peter M

          It would help to know which version of McAfee but I'll post the instructions for disabling VirusScan Home version for last year's version and this year's.  But really you should submit those files for analysis and possible clearance by the McAfee Labs.

          Instructions below.


          First disable your virus protection:


          To temporarily turn off VirusScan 13 - 2009 do the following:


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center


          Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)


          Click Configure (left)


          Click Computer & Files (top left)


          You can disable VirusScan in the right-hand module and tell it for how long.


          Then click the Restore button (left & assuming it was quarantined) & restore the item.



          In VirusScan 14 - 2010 double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter


          Click Virus and Spyware Protection


          Click Real Time Protection


          Click the Turn Off button and tell it for how long to stay that way.


          Then click Navigation (top right)


          Click Quarantined and Trusted Items (below) & restore the item.


          Send the file to Avert for analysis:










          Email file to: virus_research@avertlabs.com


          When  submitting samples via E-mail all samples must be packaged in a .ZIP  file. When creating this .ZIP file, it is important to understand that  the .ZIP can be no more than 3 megabytes in size and can contain no more  than 30 files.

          Additionally, any .ZIP file created must  be password-protected using the password "infected" (minus the "").  Failure to follow these guidelines will cause your submission to be  rejected.



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