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      I am having problems with my Firewall, in the Macafee total protection home page it says Firewall is on, no security threat, if you click on Firewall settings it says my Firewall is off. If you click on ( turn on ) it flashes and stays off, I am unable to make any changes as every thing is inactive and greyed out.

      I spent three hours on the chat lines, no one could gain access to my computer and after being told to reinstall it to no avail, I had a phone call to say that this is a program fault in the 2010 version which hopefully will be fixed in a week, and not to worry the Firewall is on.

      Has anyone else experienced this problem, I am using Win7. I've attached to screens showing the problem



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          Hey richardaustin,

          I am not sure about the firewall problem. Do you have 2 separate accounts?A standard user and an administrator account.If you do,you can change your firewall settings through administrator.I have the same thing on mine.All of my firewall  items are grayed out on the standard account.They have to be changed through admin.Not sure if that is your problem.Also make sure to click on firewall,settings then smart advice advanced settings.Then make sure

          you check enable protection during start up is checked.I don`t know why but this always seems to be unchecked whenever installing Mcafee.Hope this helps you.


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            I am experiencing the same problem as richardaustin.

            There is only one account on my computer and it is running as adminstrator.

            I am using Windows 7 64-bit.

            There is no other Security software running.

            I do have Malwarebyte and CCleaner.


            Problem description:

            Security center says Firewall is on.

            Once I click Firewall --> Setting, the top says Firewall is off.

            I am unable to turn it on but clicking the "on" button because it quickly turns back to off.

            All the settings are greyed out.


            Any solutions?

            My computer problem or firewall problem?

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              Hi, If this is not working i would try the useful links at top of this page.Click on tech support and run Mcafee virtual tech.This will hopefully fix any missing parts if they are missing.Also be carefull with ccleaner.If the virtual tech does`nt work you may have to either uninstall then reinstall.Or go to tech support and use chat.If you uninstall make sure you do it from your windows progrms.uninstall mcafee then reboot.After reboot make sure to turn on your firewall.If your useing windows click start and type firewall.Turn on.Then come back to this site & again under usefull links click removal tool MCPR & download.Run MCPR.This wil remove any remnants of last install.Finally reinstall your version of Mcafee.I know it is a pain i have done it a few times myself.Not sure why the install is a major problem at times.                          Good luck Jack

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                Thankyou to everyone that's posted a reply, it has been most helpful and it's good to know you are not alone!!!  I run ccleaner and  I thought this has given me problems in the past with other programs, is there a known reason for this?





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                  Hello again


                  I've tried what was suggested by newjack, a reinstall and using the virtual technician, none of it worked. As I said in my original post, after three hours on the chat line to a call centre talking to people that I didn't think quite grasped the problem, the tier2 technician rang me at home and said it was a program fault which Macafee hope to correct soon.

                  I am now becoming disillusioned with whole fault finding setup at Macafee, much like BT you are dealing with call centres outside of the UK  I will now seriously consider some other internet protection, any recomendations?


                  A thouroughly fed up





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                    When you used virtual tech did what appeared when it was done?Was anything was listed as not installed or could not fix.When you reinstall do you have the same exact problem?IF so maybe 1 of the other members can jump in and help you.I am just a Mcafee user trying to help out if i can.There are a few other people on here that are much more informed than i.Maybe they can jump in and help you.

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                      I am experiencing the same issues as richardaustin.  Has a solution/fix ever been discovered for this issue?

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                        Have you guys looked in services to see if the firewall componant is started?Click windows icon on left (bottom) and type services in the search for programs field.Then look for mcafee firewall.Shown in image below.Make sure you have this as automatic start.make sure you at least have it.I know this may be a reach but if virtual tech did`nt find it??Image below.Should check Mcafee items as adimistrator.



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                          I'm having the same Firewall problem like Richaraustin in my newly installed Total Protection 2011, and I did what you, newjack, instructed.  I was able to access the "services".  These are what I found inside my "services":  1.  On McAfee Personal Firewall Service I tried to click "Start", but it said: "Could not start the McAfee Personal Firewall, Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified".  My assumption is that the software is just protecting the whole "McAfee Total Protection 2011".   2. I scrolled down to find Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).  I highlighted it, and then read at top-left of screen what it will do.  In part it reads "intrusion prevention service".  I thought the McAfee software developer purposely removed the Firewall program due to numerous complaints about issues in connecting to internet while the McAfee Firewall is in ON.  And, the McAfee people is relying on the Firewall of the Windows softwares.  Kindly correct me if I'm wrong.  I already tried many times to Chat with McAfee support group, but I cannot connect.  It always interrupt me with this:  Windows will close...Microsoft windows: DEP (Data Execution Prevention).  Date of this reply: Dec. 9, 2010.

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