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    Possible False Positive - artemis!75a1d17f8df0

      I think I am getting a false positive that comes up as artemis!75a1d17f8df0.  It deletes my DivX Plus Player file - DivX Plus Player.exe  This computer uses Windows 7

      DivX is certainly a trusted company and I have been using the player for a long time on 3 computers with no issues until today.  It was working fine last nite.


      The only other thing that recently occurred on this computer was that I ran a Spyware Doctor scan on my computer and a trojan.generic came up that was associated with Java


      C:\Users\RickLarson\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\2\3df3a642-38 bd9132


      I ran spyware Doctor on my other computer that uses Vista and the same Trojan.Generic came up and the divx player was not working.  I uninstalled it, reinstalled it and attempted to play a video and it gave me a message about ffdshow


      The application "explorer.exe" has made an attmept to load ffdshow. This dialog is shown because this application is not listed in the ffdshow whitelist or blacklist. Your choice will be applied to both audio and video, if both are used. THEN IT HAS THE OPTIONS: Don't use ffdshow. (just this once) Don't use ffdshow (always) Use ffdsow. (just this once) Use ffdshow (always)


      I clicked Always and now the divX player works on that computer, but on the computer with WIndows 7 it is not giving me that option.


      How can I get it to stop deleting my DivX player?