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    Mcafee draining CPU

      Hi everyone,

      I have noticed Mcafee seems to be using up alot of my cpu.If i do a scan i Max out at 100% at times.Memory also seems to be getting hogged up.Can anyone tell me if there is a fix on the way for this  problem.I noticed a few other threads on similiar topics but figured i would start my own.I have seen that mcshield seems to be taking alot up in another thread.I have even seen articles and vendors like spybot search & destroy suggest  mcafee is spyware.I would hope not.But in any event this is just the latest problem affecting my relationship with Mcafee security.Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.    


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          Hey Newjack,


             I'm waiting for an update on this issue and hope to get some info on Monday. In the meantime, can you identify any particular processes that seem to be the most taxing on the computer? Some people have improved the performance with this issue by changing their email client to send/receive mail less frequently.

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            O.k Somer thanks

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              Somer i think it is Mcshield on mine.I don`t use the e-mail feature.It does not support my program.

                                                                                                                                         Thanks Jack

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                Which email client do you use? VirusScan has some email on write scanning features, so that might still be the culprit.


                We currently have a known issue for mcshield and mcagent, and a fix is in testing right now for it (but I don't know how long that will still take before release). The problem is, changing the email settings improves the performance for people with the issue we have already had reported. It's possible you're seeing something different that just looks similar.

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                  optimum online which is not supported by Mcafee.At least it was`nt in the 2009 version.Since i was recently upgraded to 2010 in the last 2 months or so. I did not install this feature.I figured what is the sense of installing extra features i can`t or don`t use.Such as parental  controls.The e mail only supports a limited few.Unless there is a way to use that i don`t know of.That said i am not sure this would affect my program.                                                                          Thanks Jack