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    Real time scanning disabled on my PC

      I believe I received a McAfee update last night and following reboot real time scanning is disabled shortly after startup.  I've run Malwarebytes, Spybot S&D and ComboFix with nothing  detected.  I do not have a virus related to Stinger and McAfee won't run long enough to scan my PC, even in safe mode.  I've run the oas disable fix program and get the message Unable to open service McShield via SMC(5).  This continues after hitting ctrl-C, terminating and rerunning the application.  Windows and McAfee are up to date.  Restarting by going to services.msc works briefly but it eventually is disabled again.


      Any ideas?

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          Its good that you have tried possible steps to resolve the real time scanning issue.But i belive that you have spybot installed in your  computer which conflicts with mcafee and make the realtime scanning to be off!!

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            I have Spybot on all of my PC's along with McAfee and this has never been a problem.

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              I uninstalled Spybot and the problem is still the same.  McAfee runs at startup but is disabled soon after.  I restart and it stays active for about a minute but is then disabled again.

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                go to services.msc and check McShield has "started"

                >make sure that your computer has no virus  infections because some strong virus infection will stop "McSheild" which is responsible for real time scanning.

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                  That is exactly what I am asking, how do I get rid of the virus that is causing this?  I have run every virus scan tool available to me and they have found nothing.  If you reread my first post you will see that I have already tried services.msc and the software restarts briefly before being disable again.


                  Is there an expert out there who can help?

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                    I am certainly no expert but will try to help out here. You might want to try running the McAfee Virtual Technician found at the top of this page under Useful Links in the Technical Support area. MVT will scan your computer for any McAfee related issues and if it finds any it will attempt to fix them. In the event it cannot fix something it will prompt you to contact Technical Support Chat who can remote connect into your computer provided you give them permission to do so and they have many more tools available at their disposal to fix issues such as yours. I might add that you should post the session id here on on this thread so we have a reference it should we need it down the road


                    Another thought if you suspect virus or malware activity is to review this document Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting Follow the suggestions in the document and try running the McAfee stinger which is mentioned in the document, If the issue persists try running the free version of this program http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php by downloading this onto a usb stick from a non infected pc. Please rename the download and installation files to something you can easily remember as virus and malware are written to self protect them selves. When you rename the files the malware usually will allow installation to proceed since they do not see those files as a threat. Check for the latest updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer if you are so prompted. Follow the same procedures with this free program www.superantispyware.com


                    Good luck and let us know how it goes



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                      The same thing happend to me, and I don't have spybot.


                      About 3 weeks ago (end of July) my real time scanning went on the fritz.  I scanned for virus with McAfee & spyware with MBAM and got nothing.  Two weeks of frustration and 4 live sessions with oversees representative finally got Real Time Scanning stable.  Just a few days ago ( 8/17/2010) I wake up to a message that McAfee has updated itself and to reboot.  When I did, the real time scanning went on the fritz AGAIN , immediately after the update.


                      I've gone thru another 3 live sessions with  oversea reps, used TS100492.bat , oas-disabled-fix.cmd, completely uninstalled McAfee and reinstalled with DMSetup.exe ... all to no effect.


                      No - I don't have any other virus scanning software installed.

                      No - I don't suspect a virus.

                      No - I haven't installed any new software in the past 3 months.


                      Everything was fine until it updated itself.  I'm afraid that if I roll back changes, it will just update again.  What am I supposed to do ?


                      (ps- attached a log of the service call text for reference)



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                        See the PM I sent you also passed your issue up the line.

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                          I just completed a scan using the free scan tool oline and McAfee did not find anything.  I don't want to hand over the $90 to a McAfee tech but I'm not sure what else to try at this point.  To summarize I've used Spybot (since uninstalled), Malwarebytes, ComboFix, oas_disablef_fix, gone to services.msc and turned on McShield, and run a full McAfee scan using the online tool.  Real time scanning still disables after a minute or so after turning on.  HELP!