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    problem in McAfee ePO deployment for McAfee 8.7 client

      I am running a Windows 2003 Server with ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 on it. My workstation are running Mcafee Anti-Virus 8.5. I have successfully deployed the agents but when I try to deploy Mcafee Anti-Virus 8.7 from the server, nothing happens. I downloaded Mcafee 8.7 zipped on the ePolicy 4.0 server. I used the "check in package" feature to checkin Mcafee 8.7 to the server and it shows up now in the repository.

      The way I was trying to deploy the software was by selecting the "systems tab", then the "client task","new task" product deployment, select virus scan enterprise 8.7 for windows, enabled and run immediately. Nothing happens.

      It shows up in the logs as complete but my version on the workstations are still 8.5. I have manually installed 8.7 and it works fine. I also tried to scedule it but nothing happens.

      Am I doing something wrong?