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    Installer Crashes

      I recently purchaed McAfee AntiVirus Plus.  When the installer reaches the checking software section "We're checking your PC for programs that that might not work properly with the McAffe software you're installing."   Apon reaching that point in the download, an error report screen opens that states the "McAffe Integrated Security Platform has encountered a problem and needs to close."


      I have ran the Virtual Technicial to no help.


      Any Answers will be appreciated.

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          Try to uninstall via Add/Remove programs and reboot. Then go to Useful Links at the top of this page and run the MCPR removal tool. MCPR will remove any traces of McAfee that might be left behind that Add/Remove did not take out and reboot again.


          See this document for further information and be sure to run the McAfee preinstall tool that is included in the document http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS100119


          Try to install again and let us know if still need more help

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            In addition to that, please try the following:


            1. Check for Windows Update, make sure you install all the available Important and required Optional updates like MSXML, Microsoft.Net Framework, Security Updates etc and reboot the computer

            2. Delete all the Internet Explorer temporary cookies and files

            3. Re-try the installation

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              None of these responses helped me. It had KillAV.D and other malware on here but it is all clean now. McAfee will crash in install.exe with kernel32.dll everytime after accepting the EULA.

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                Must be something still lingering in there.

                What operating system are you using, and did you have another Virus Scan previously installed?

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                  I have a similar problem with Total Protection 2011.

                  On computer number one I followed the install instructions, and I did shutdown all Windows programs running in the background. The intall failed but Virtual Technician offered to fix the problem.It removed Ad-Aware and perhaps another program. After this the attempted install crashed again.


                  Once I rebooted I found I had the Lsdelete Program not working skipping Auto Check error. With some experimentation I found that reloading Ad-Aware 2007 removed the error. Removing AdAware, which had never caused a problem with Total Protection 2010, the error message reappeared.


                  In any case - have been unable to find a way to load form my 2011 disk, or by downloading from McAfee. DMSetup has a conflict with something, I asume Lava Soft leftover, on the computer. The McAfee removal tool reports it is already running so cannot load.


                  I need a solution - While I have a new 3 computer license for TP 2011, my Total Protection 2010 license expires tomorrow - LOL


                  Computer number two. I did not follow all the instruction. I used Windows to Remove all Lavasoft products. I did remove the old McAfee 2010 myself. I did use the removal tool. I didn't let McAfee do anything for me. The intallation went smoothly.


                  I was under the impression that Total Protection 2010 and Total Protection 2011 used the same engine. However I get the impression that the DMSetup intaller has some compatibility issues with software not seen before.

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                    Hi David,


                    I guess McAfee is not completely, first we need to remove those remnants out of the computer. The process of McAfee Removal Tool may be still running at the background, so please let me know what is the Operating System that you are using so that we shall proceed accordingly. Also make sure you have removed all the other security software traces completely from the computer…