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    Outlook 2007 Issue

      I have been using Outlook 2007 for quite some time now on my Windows XP system (SP3)

      In the past I have been using Symantec Antivirus and Intergrity Client for protection.  I just downloaded the $39 special

      for McAfee


      Now that it is installed, when I try to open any of my mail in Outlook, all I get is the initial header and no text.  Once I've

      installed McAfee, there is no problem.   I've installed and uninstalled a number of times to make sure the problem

      is solid.


      I would like to migrate all of my hone network to McAfree, but until I can resolve this problem, I can not move on.

      I've looked at various settings in McAfree, but did not see anything that jumped into my face as the answer, nor with



      Any suggestions in where to look



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          Hi and welcome! I've moved your post to our Home and Home office area so that an expert may see it.



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            Hey there,


               This is an idea. In Outlook, go to Tools and select Trust Center.


               When you get in there, click Add-ins.


               Take a look through the add-ins and see if you have any references to any of your previous security products. Usually that will cause an error message, but not always, and I think it's a good place to start here.


               Another place to look would be under Automatic Downloads. Is the box checked to not download HTML, images, or RSS feeds?


               EDIT: I just thought of this also. In Tools, Options, Mail Format there are Font and Stationary settings. You might also try setting your stationary theme to NONE.



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              Somer, thanks for the reply and infomation.  I checked into the items you mentioned (befor your Edit on the Signatures).

              Nothing changed.

              I went in and install  McAfee seveal times uing the custom installl, so that I would selet one function at a time..

              That really didnt change anything.


              I have been using:

              Integrity Client - as my Software firewall

              Symantic Anti virus - For Virus control

              Noadware - for Spam control

              CleanMyPC - Registry maint

              Diskkeeper - Daily and scheduled defrags


              When I  saw that McAfee could do all the above, I was encourged to purchase the product and install it.


              I installed McAfee on one of my other machines (IBM Thinkpad, Windows XP, SP3).  On that machine, I was able to

              open read/unread emails in Outlook.   So, that does tell me, that there is some configuration/option/program on my main

              machine that is stepping in the way.


              I realize  this is my problem and not McAfree.  But I am just trying to isolate the problem.  I appreciate your suggestions.


              Tomorrow, I will look at the signature situation.  But what is curious, is that I signatures set on my main machine,

              sometimes I include some graphics.  On the machine I can open emails , the actual signature setup is not in Outlook,

              so I am just reading/opening mail that was set.  Make sense?


              I do have to say I am very pleased with the response from your team.  I belong to many software forum groups and I

              also manage/admister a large Drupal base fourm site (Spine-Health).  I know that many other sites always seem to

              make it the user's fault and not provide much assistance.


              I have a 7 computer based home network.  My current McAfee is a 3-computer license.  I would really like to

              install McAfee on all of these machines (purchase the additional iicense) so that I can consolidate the

              functions I need into one program instead of having many others.


              Thank you

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                I supported outlook way way back in the day (but it was express and 2003), so I figured hey... maybe I can help!


                I'm not sure I understand what you mean about the sig. If you're using an autosig with a graphic, and disabling it fixes the other problem, I'd suggest rebuilding it in outlook once everything is working. Look forward to hearing what you find!