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    ePO-SQL2005 Migration issue



      Sorry i'm not familliar with SQL2005 or any other latest versions of MSSQL. But we have been using ePO 3.6 and MS SQL 2000 for so many years now and experienced less problems. Anyway, Since we migrated our epo to 4.5 we needed to migrate our DB to SQL2005 and fortunately there are no errors encountered after the migration.


      The problem is, upon migration MSSQL created another database aside from the old one and renamed it as ePO_ServerDB_OLD and the new migrated DB is named as ePO4_ServerDB. SInce we are transferring the ePO to another machine im having a lot of questions regarding the 2 DBs.


      First is, do i still need to backup the OLD database? 2nd is do i need to restore the OLD DB together with the new DB upon the transfer of the epO server to another machine? 3rd is will there be any conflicts or issues if i didn't backup/restore the old DB?


      You can see a screenshot of our server attached to this.


      Please advise thanks!

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          Hmmm.. I don't think the _old db was created by the SQL migration - I'm pretty sure that SQL just upgrades existing dbs in place.

          I think the _old db is actually the database for the 3.6.1 installation. Its name starts ePO_ rather that ePO4_, which implies a 361 db - and upgrading from 361 to 4 creates a new, clean db and migrates the data from the old one - but it leaves the old one behind: so that would fit the pattern you're seeing.


          My instinct therefore is that this is your old 361 db, and therefore can be safely removed. The ePO4 installation will be using only the ePO4_ db, so tha's the one you need to be backing up, maintaining and so on.


          HTH -