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    Security Center closes

      Good Thursday morning,

      I purchased this new Dell Inspiron 14 laptop a few days ago.  It has windows7, and the latest IE.  Both have the latest Updates.  A McAfee SecuritySecurity Center came with it and has 27 complimentary days left  to test drive it.  I've got the Virtual Technician installed and it reports all is OK.   Probem is when I  click the button to open, the security center shows on my screen for about 1 second then disappears.  Would appreciate help getting this resolved.     Neal

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          Have you registered this software and created an online account with McAfee?


          Try running MVT again and even if it shows everything is ok, click on the prompt to contact Technical Support Chat. They can remote connect into your computer provided you give them permission to do so to see what might be causing the conflict  and they have many tools they can use to diagnose issues such as yours.

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            Thanks k3tg,   the problem has been solved.  I discovered my internet service provided a Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee.  Intstalled that and all seems to work like it's supossed to.


            I feel better now.  Grey mustached folks need stuff to be uncomplicated and enjoy the day.   Neal



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              Glad to hear your problem is resolved. I will mark this as being answered and good luck to you.