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    Sorting/group advise please

      We have a heavy VM environment and the DAT updates are causing issues with Disk I/O. This causes scan timeouts and Citrix users to get kicked off. I want to separate the DAT updates further and schedule them earlier for the UAT and Test environments to reduce the Disk I/O load. Currently, my servers are all sorted by IP subnet. I want to create another group called UAT and Test and add all my UAT and Test servers to that group. Then, change the scheduled DAT updates to take place two hours before the production servers kick off.

      Can a server belong to two different groups? What is the best way to handle this?



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          I didn't believe a client computer can be a member of two groups, however one possible way of doing it (depending on how many servers you have) is to break the inheritance of your global DAT update task on each server and assign a custom update task with a different schedule.


          or possibly create a sub folder under your sorted ip subnet folders and move said servers into that, break inhertitance and apply the custom update task to the folder.



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