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    Error when executing sbadmcl -command:showoldusers

      when I am executing this command


      sbadmcl -adminuser:user -adminpwd:pass -database:"Safeboot Administration database" -command:ShowOldUsers -Group:"PW User" -DaysOld:120 -OutputFile:"C:\Temp\OldUsers.txt"


      I am alway receiving this error message:


      Command result:

      Command = ShowOldUsers
      ResultCode = 0xc1000002
      ResultDescription = Required parameter missing



      What is wrong with ShowOldUsers? Which parameters are required for that? Is there any documentation for that?

      I have the same problems with ShowOldMachines.


      Also the script from this thread did not work...



      on 19.08.10 06:37:51 GMT-06:00