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    McAfee doesnt install in Windows 7


      Operating system WIN 7,
      no other security software,
      no virus pop-ups,
      Yes, able to connect to McAfee server.

      I have an activation CD for TSN SB Adv, but when i try to install i get error message "none of the selected services are available on this version of Windows"

      How can i activate my CD please? Fast response needed.  Furthermore> I have a grant number, therefore if you can post me a  link etc where to go in order to just put the grant in and get the  download, i would appreciate it.




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          Peter M

          Posts merged.  Can you please clarify what software you are trying to install.  I do not know what TSN SB ADV is.    If you have a grant number I suspect you should be in a different forum but once you tell me that information I will move this thread.



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            Hello there !



            Thanks for the fast response,


            The product is McAfee total protection for Small business, cloud-based protection (SaaS, Security as a Service)


            You are right, i may be in wrong forum but i was unsure to where to contact.




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              Peter M

              Moved to Business > Total Protection Service.   Hopefully someone will spot this and help you.

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                I have read your post.


                Please do not use the CD to install the McAfee software. This is because, the McAfee software on a CD would be outdated.


                Please follow the below steps to download the software from your online McAfee account.


                Open the webpage www.mcafeeasap.com

                Click on log in and enter your email address and password and login

                Click on the tab computers on the top and select all, you shall get the list of computers in which you have installed McAfee.

                Please check if the computer in which you need to reinstall, is listed there

                If yes, please select the computer and delete it.

                Click on the tab dashboard, click on the install protection and install it on the computers not protected by the security center.

                Download the tops file and save it on your C drive and run it from there

                After installation, please restart the computer and right click on the M icon in your system tray and run a manual update.



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                  Were you able to get the McAfee software on your Windows 7 machine ?


                  Please revert if you are still having any issues.



                  Thank you