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    problems when deleting  users, that seldomly reboot their computer, via script

      I am using a batch script to find old users and machines and delete them...


      How does the command ShowOldUsers work? What is an "old" user?


      My problem:


      Users that are still connected to active computers are deleted via this approach.

      In this scenario, you can see the problem:


      User Alice is assigned to the computer Neptune.

      Alice is always online and does seldomly reboot ( a few months or more). When I am now executing the ShowOldUsers operation and then delete the user I have a problem, SINCE Alice is still active on her computer Neptune...


      Is there an option to check (via script), whether a user is still assigned to a computer which is regularly synched (and not rebooted and therefore there is no user that logs on)?



      Another approach of this question:

      What could be the reason for that:  I am checking the audit log of a machine and I can see, that there are successfull syncs every 8 hours with the server, but NO reboots or user-login audits since MONTHS? I do not believe that a computer is running more than 3 or 4 months without a reboot...?

      And if YES : HOW can i find out then, that the user is still active (via a script) and is so it shoudl not be deleted...


      Thank you!

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