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        I'm not sure why, but my first reaction was to check the date to make sure it wasn't April Fools day.


        Interesting development...





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          Let's hope they can access more money and resources to write software  correctly the FIRST time and not need to constantly come out with  patches (themselves delayed due to problems) to fix really stupid bugs, and create 50 more in the process.

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            This was a shocker, really! Congratulations! Intel has the money power and hardware dominance which would be benficial to McAfee as their product protfolio expands.


            I hope McAfee release the products as per the current roadmap rather than waiting for the acquisition to complete, wait for Intel's stategy for McAfee and then start developing products. Too many acquisitions within a short span screwed up McAfee's product release cycles.


            Here's hoping that McAfee development team will increase from 25 to 250 or 2500 so that they release the products inline with the release of new operating systems and application. Also hoping that support will' start' (if there was any at present, I would have used 'improve')


            Intel processor with MeeGo, Antivirus and Firewall built-in!!! System on a Chip!!! That would be a dream come true.





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              I personally dont like this.  I hate to see larger companies join together and become larger.  I think its healthier for things to be seperate.  If this continues I will see you all at Walmart maybe we can have lunch together.  LOL

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                This development took everyone by surprise, even within the management chains of McAfee from what I've been able to gather.


                I think this can work out very well for both companies.




                1.  Access to McAfee code base to better integrate encryption, DLP, and scanning technologies on hardware

                2.  Immediate access into the security software space where they haven't played before

                3.  Access to make their own security better of their company - Intel is already a huge McAfee Customer.




                1.  Intel has some of the best engineers on the planet, maybe this will become useful to McAfee

                2.  Intel has money if McAfee needs any, Although McAfee has a bunch of money in the bank

                3.  McAfee management is staying on for 2-3 years according to the releases.  This will run as a wholly owned subsidiary (like EMC-> RSA, EMC->VMWARE), so Intel management will likely not mess with McAfee assuming that DeWalt continues to do a good job.


                This still needs shareholder approval, which could take 6-9 months, so for the next 12 months, its definately business as usual.