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    Security sheild

      I am getting a warning that my computer is infected.  The warning directs me to a product called My Security Shield.


      McAfee Security center does not respond.  It is showing that your pc is infected and asking me to purchase the My Security Shield.


      What should i do now?


      whether to purchase Security Shield?


      how to get rid of this? please advice?



      Thanks & Regards

      chenthil palani

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          Hi chenthil palani,


          I am sorry to inform you that "My Security sheild" is a spyware infection by itself and not a genuine software which can be used on a PC. However not to worry , you can get rid of "My Security shield" by scanning your PC using McAfee's "Stinger" scan tool. You need to first download "Stinger" tool on to your computer by clicking on this link http://download.nai.com/products/mcafee-avert/tfastinger/stinger.exe & scan your computer.   If "Stinger" tool does not help you to get rid of virus then you may have to avail McAfee's fee based virus removal service, you can know more about it by clicking on "Useful Link" at the top of this webpage.




          Rakesh P

          McAfee Technical Support

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            Hi Rakesh,


                           Thanks, if i purchase the security shield , is that worthy to do that for getting rid of this spyware infection.


            why they come like that asking to purchase a product to get rid of these infections .


            I basically dont understand what it means, As my laptop was protected with McAfee security center (How security shield came in between the operations showing the infected files) please clarify.


            it is keep on asking for restarting my laptop.



            Chenthil Palani



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              Peter M

              It's fraudulent so do not ever succumb to anything that causes problems and then asks you to pay to get rid of itself.


              Complete removal instructions are posted in THIS forum.  Scroll down that page and ignore the first links you see as they are all advertising.


              You shouldn't have to pay for anything to remove this.


              Thread moved to the correct area by the way.



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                Hi Brit,


                         Thanks i followed the instructions to remove the infections from my laptop, after running the software it was showing me all the defected viruses who entered my laptop.


                After completing McAfee security center was not opening, I Reinstalled McAfee security center and the site advisor plus which i purchased. Now McAfee security center has took the control.


                But now the issue is my laptop has become very slow, what should i do to improve the performance.



                Chenthil Palani

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                  Peter M

                  Do a system cleanup Control Panel > System and Maintenance  > Free Up Disk Space


                  It may need a defragment too.


                  If that doesn't help run Hijackthis and post the log along with the symptoms on one of the following forums for expert advice:



                  DOWNLOAD HIJACKTHIS



                  Do not post Hijackthis logs here, we can't help with  those!



                  Post the logs at a specialist Forum:



                  AUMHA FORUM






                  MAJOR GEEKS FORUM



                  MALWAREBYTES FORUM



                  MALWARE REMOVAL FORUM



                  SPYWAREHAMMER FORUM



                  SPYWARE INFO FORUM



                  WHAT THE TECH FORUM



                  Be sure to read all the sticky announcements/instructions at the top of each malware forum!

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                    Hi Brit,


                         My laptops administrator previlege was corrupted when unsheduled shut dow happened without my knowledge. Now i cannot login to my laptop as administrator if i log on it is saying that "User service service logon failed", But it is allowing me to logon with the standard user.


                    Please help it is very urgent - Is that some one took the control of administrator.


                    In standard user - when i went in to control panel --> user accounts --> change account type, i cannot change the account type to administrator even if i give the correct administrator password.

                    FYI i am the administator.


                    Support me in this regards


                    Thanks & Regards

                    Chenthil Palani

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                      Peter M

                      An unscheduled shut down shouldn't corrupt a user account.  Are you using any kind of registry cleaners or optimizers?


                      Since the advent of XP or even before that systems have had the ability to recover from any unexpected shutdown.


                      What operating system and service pack is this?

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                        my operating system is windows 7 x64


                        No i am not using any registry cleaners.






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                          Peter M

                          OK, any chance of using System Restore to go back to before all this happened?   If so do it and see if that helps but make sure you right-click the McAfee taskbar icon snd update immediately afterwards.


                          Also then turn off System Restore temporaily in order to delete the bad image.


                          If not read HERE on how to enable the hidden Administrator Account in Windows 7 which you should then configure with a password through Control Panel/user Accounts.


                          Using that you could then delete the corrupted user and create another with Administrative capabilites.


                          That forum is an extremely good one to know.  That tutorial gives several options on doing the above.

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