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    Upgrade Question



      I would like your opinion on the following.


      I have safeboot administrator installed on a Windows Server and deciding on the best

      path to upgrade it.


      So i was Planning on upgrading the safeboot Admin to version 5.2.5 as you can not upgrade to

      version 6 and version 6.1 is still not released.


      I was then planning on installing EEPC 5.2.5 on top of that and then upgrading the files for all the

      safeboot clients.


      Are there any pitfalls I should be aware if doing this and what do you think of the plan of action?

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          You need 5.2.x clients if you want to migrate them to 6.1.x later.


          There are many pitfalls. Start with migration guide, but test a lot. There is so many components that might be affected, it is impossible to give you a quick list. Your EEPC customization, themes, languages, client OS envirionment, synchronisation settings, client hardware, security software, file system configuration; they all affect upgrade process. There has been many posts in this community forum on this topic.

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            when you say test a lot, what do you suggest.


            There are 10 machine groups with different settings for each and the settings are not inherited from the machine group, you can change settings at the machine properties.  I would see this as bad configuration as common policies should be agreed, what do you think of creating machine groups and not controlling policies from there?


            So when you point out all those pitfalls you seem to be saying that the issues could be potentially with the client computers?  The server upgrade seems very straightforward, not a lot to it.


            what sort of test plan would you suggest?  New machine group, move certain computers to that and upgrade client files and test?



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              How many computers are subject to upgrade? If there is a lot, seek McAfee prof services help, or devise your own upgrade script, that is pushed to and run by users interactively. That way you can check for and control many more conditions and react approprietely.

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                There are 645 machines in the database but as there is no reporting installed with SB Administrator I can not run any useful reports to see how long it is since computers last contacted the server.


                Its a bit of mess this configuration.  I have a lot of SB experience, have worked on a lot of various projects.  Just have not upgraded from 5.1 to 5.2 but have upgraded 5.2.x to newer versions in the same family.


                Can you expand on " That way you can check for and control many more conditions and react approprietely. " please?

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                  Example: NTFS compression of the boot drive root folder.

                  You can run simple VBS script to detect it and stop upgrade with a warning to decompress root first, or run decompression as a part of upgrade script.

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                    The recomendation should really be not to upgrade the client files unless necessary as there is no real benefit in doing so.

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                      Who's recommendation?

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                        nobodies just a figure of speech but the first question to ask anyone when upgrading client files should be is it really necessary to do so.

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                          Usually you find answer to your question in a painfull way. My recommendation is to proceed with upgrade, so you have consistent environment in the future.

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