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    Best Practise of deleting unused objects



      I am searching a Best Practise for deleting unused Machines and Users on my EEM.


      Using the Reporting Tool I  was not really successfull (in the best practise guide i could not find anything appropriate either):


      * First I wanted to delete unused machines, therefore I created a report of all machines, that did not synchronise for more than 120 days

      * To delete unused users, i created a report of all users, that did not login for more than 120 days



      * There is a problem, when machines are mostly used offline and are not synchronised within a longer time span... if I delete those machines, this will lead to future problems, when they get online.


      * obviously it happens quite often, that the user audit log is not complete.. there is a line in the audit reporting the first login, the initial pw change, and then there are a few months of "nothing"... when I deleted some of those "obsolete" users, I later recognized, that they are in fact still active...


      -> what is the best thing to find unused objects? I cannot leave them on the server either, since i need the licenses...

      What is the best way of combining reports?