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    Problem solved "unable to download VirusScan"

      I was unable to download VirusScan after removing my current version.  The message I kept getting was "no internet connection or McAfee server busy". I tried for weeks.  I was also unable to get to technical support chat - the assist window would get hung up waiting for a technician.  (I could get on customer support chat fine).  After contacting by phone several times and trying MANY options with no success, I tried this forum.


      Somebody (who's user ID I wish I could remember) said to make sure the internet setting for proxy server was unchecked.  It was unchecked for IE, but not for Firefox.  I unchecked it, re-booted, and it worked! So simple!


      So thank you to whoever you were.  And NO thank you to tech support that couldn't come up with this simple procedure.