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    Moving Systems in ePO

      Hi Everyone,

      I am running ePO 4.5 and currently designing a new system tree layout as our needs have changed. That said, when moving systems around in ePO do they keep their policies or do they inherit the new policies\tasks from the new group?


      Thanks for your help!!



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          Depends on the type of policy.


          If they're single system assigned policy/tasks they should move with the system.


          All other policies are inherited from the group (as long as the enforcing policy is set against the group)



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            Thanks for the response, that sounds reasonable. If i understand correctly if i break the inheritance on a system in its current groups and move it to a new group, the inheritance should stay in the broken state and keep which ever polices it had previously before the move.



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              not quite


              There are two types of task/policy assignment. Single system and group.


              Single system will follow the computer when moved, group won't

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