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    Confused on which shield is showing


      I have a test lab setup running EPO4.5 and a few clients. XP, win7, 2003 server. Now I installed the 4.5 agent on them and deployed 8.7i and the antispyware module.  Now that's done, but I have a couples of systems showing the just the agent icon and some showing the blue and red shield. How can I determine which one to show? I have my policy set to show the shield, but not sure how to control which one to show.


      Any thoughts?



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          for servers even if you set the agent icon to show it will not under rdp unless you use the console option ( and even then in some cases i find it doesnt) this is by design so as not to dupicate the same process dozens of times on a multiuse server, under win7 you may have to allow certain icons to show due to the way it treats the systray icons aswell