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    mcafee security center


              Recently i found a trojan virus in my laptop, i scanned my laptop with online scan found the defect, I have McAfee security center licensed.I am using Dell Laptop installed with

      windows 7.


      When i download a file from internet, McAfee shown a message that "Trojan virus is removed no action required" but after that i ran a online scan and it was showing trojan virus is present.


      1) How can i remove trojan virus from my laptop with the help of McAfee security center?


      2) what is the difference between McAfee products security center and Total Protection? (Is it enough if i have security center itself)


      3) Can i upgrade McAfee security center to Total protection?


      4) Is it possible if i buy an extra licence for another PC, can i use that license for a lenovo PC? - Is security center is dedicated to the DELL PCs?


      Please advice


      chenthil Palani