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    Failing log message



      Has any one knows what are these failing means?

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          The first one means that ePO tried to perform a replication task, but there are no repositories defined. You usually get this message if you have global updating enabled, but no distributed repositories configured. If you don't have any repos then the message can be safely ignored.


          The second one indicates a network problem when trying to pull files from McAfee. If it only happens occasionally it can probably be ignored, but if it's happening often then you'll need to investigate further.


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            This morning I received  the same failing log as yesterday.

            I just upgrade ePO 4.0 to ePO 4.5 and deploy ePO agent 4.5 and Vscan 8.7i  2 days ago. Since that start received the error messages.

            And all the server boxes didn't revived ePO agent 4.5 and VScan8.7i update from ePO server.


            Is there any thing wrongs with the deploying  ePO agent 4.5 and VScan 8.7 setup?

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              The task looks OK but we can't tell much from the screenshots, unfortunately. You need to be looking at the client machines - check the agent log and see if they are running the task, if there are any errors, and so on.

              Post the logs here if you like - we can have a look.


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                I was tallking to Mcafee enginner yesterday. one of those error was proxy has been disable since i upgrade the ePO server from 4 to 4.5 sp3.

                other error was hosts path incorrect. but I able to ping the hosts i still don't know why.